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Sheabutter FAQ
What is Shea butter?
Why Are People Using Pure Shea butter?
Is your product unrefined shea butter or refined shea butter?
What color is your unrefined & natural shea butter?
Does your shea nut butter have an odor? Shea Butter Picture
What is the texture of your unrefined raw shea butter?
How do I store my 100 % Shea butter?
What is your Role in Africa Shea butter Processing?
What Variety of Shea body butter do you sell?
How do you guarantee a consistent quality of your bulk Shea butter?
Why do buyers favor organic Shea butter from Ghana?
What color is your unrefined & natural shea butter?
Who should use shea butter products?
What is the shelf life of your shea butter product?
Why are your shea butter prices so low?
What is your Africa shea butter connection ?
Do you send free shea butter product samples?
Do you send product catalogs?
Do you ship outside North America? is an African owned wholesaler of Unrefined Shea butter. Our product is hand pressed and processed by women in the Shea Butter village. Our Unrefined Shea is light in color and has an exceptionally light smokey aroma.

Fair Trade
Through our adherence to Fair Trade we organized the women in the Northern Region of Ghana into cooperative societies, providing these cooperative societies with interest free loans, credit facilities, training in packaging, labeling and quality control services therefore a higher price for their quality processed products. Learn more.

Money Back Guarantee guarantees your complete satisfaction with every purchase of our products. If you are not 100% pleased with your purchase, please return it within 15 days for a replacement shipment or a refund.


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